Always make sure that your towels are kept in a cool, dry place. Exposure to moisture could lead to the early biodegrading of the towels.


Step 1

Grab a fresh Amwell & Co disposable towel from your pack and, just as you would with a traditional cotton towel, place it around the neck of your client, before washing the hair.

It may take time for you to adjust to using your new disposable towel, but ensuring that it is secure and in the correct position for the duration of your client’s service is a great place to start.

Step 2 

Wash your client’s hair as you usually would. After ringing out any excess water, introduce your Amwell & Co disposable towel to the hair. As you would with a cotton towel, begin to dry the hair, using your usual technique.

Being ultra-absorbent, you should only need one disposable towel, but there is no harm in using two towels for clients with longer hair. You may also want to use two disposable towels if you are carrying out colour work. Don’t be afraid to get the towel as wet as possible to use it to its maximum potential.

Step 3 

Once the hair is free of surplus water, enrobe your client’s hair with your Amwell & Co disposable towel, in a turban style, making sure it is entirely secure. You can secure this by creating a small fold on the long side of the towel and tucking the towel into the fold once you have finished.

It’s important to remember that failing to secure the towel properly will result in the overall experience of your client, so take time in perfecting this. Gently pat the towel around the contours of your clients head, which will shape it correctly. In doing so, your disposable towel continues to dry the hair.

Step 4 

Once your wash service is over, place your Amwell & Co disposable towel in the bin. The towel will begin to biodegrade naturally. This can be your recycling or just your regular everyday waste bin. Under the right conditions, our towels will biodegrade completely within 90 days.


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