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Barbershop Testimonial

By September 18, 2019January 10th, 2021No Comments

“Using disposable towels has changed the way we work …&  for the better”

Since changing from regular towels to disposable towels at our barbershop we have managed to refine our customer experience and cut out additional daily duties, allowing us to focus more on our clients.

It’s great being able to give each client a sanitised fresh towel, every service. Not only does this allow us to make our clients feel extra special, but it also allows us to easily adhere to new COVID-19 measures.

Running a salon during a pandemic is not easy. Using disposable salon towels meant that we could safely eliminate potential cross-contaminated with cotton towels.

Every towel is safely binned after each use and best of all they are biodegradable.

We have noticed a significant drop in our utility bills and have calculated, long term, we will be financially better off. Its also a good feeling that we are slowly becoming an eco-responsible salon. We all feel we are doing our bit for the environment and helping play our part in the crucial battle against climate change.

The best thing, for us, is the time it saves and we don’t have to have damp towels in the salon any more.

We are fully converted to disposable hairdressing towels and won’t be going back to regular cotton towels any time soon.

Gents of London Barbershop

Consider making the switch to disposable towels in your salon? Why not check out our FAQ page by clicking here.

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Amwell & Co

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